Rethinking retirement.
A no normal retirement journey.

Everyday, Human Spark does amazing strategic-level design work for global enterprise clients: qualitative research and analysis, service design and blueprinting, product design, writing and communications design, visual design, and implementation. 

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Passionate, insight-driven design and innovation for cutting-edge minds, and global organizations.

Our speciality.

We apply research and design methodologies to craft meaningful service, product, experiential and story-telling solutions that impact lives and business outcomes.

Service design.

Understanding all touch points required for successful service delivery across a customer journey. Creating connected and consistent experiences that simplify the value exchange between people and systems while amplifying the positive brand and use qualities of the service.

Product design.

Focusing on a single touch point, whether physical, virtual or both, and applying high levels of intuitiveness, connectivity and consistency to the interface, object, packaging and overall use experience. Going far beyond mere functionality to highest levels of usefulness and brand love.

Experience design.

Optimizing experiences to delight customers and users across multiple channels. Understanding user needs and designing holistic, seamless solutions that prioritize continuity, consistency and quality.


Communicating to heads and hearts with the most appropriate and effective sounds, visuals, and words through the most efficient and impactful channels and artifacts. Creating perspectives that are logical, emotional, and more importantly, move people to action.

Iterative design.
People at the center.

Challenge the status quo and build internal alignment. We rapidly explore, embrace and reject assumptions to develop the precision inspiration that connects solutions to people.

We work with cutting-edge minds and global organizations.

It's in our DNA to solve tough problems with great people who value design and strive to make a difference.

What people say about us.

“As Human Spark has evolved, driven by the combination of vision, creative thinking and a singular process-minded focus on delivering extraordinary value to clients, they have created a company that does truly innovative and powerful work.”

-Eric Greenman.

“Human Spark, from day one, has been our partner in managing the customer experience design process, bringing objective viewpoints, plus leveraging their team’s industry expertise to bring powerful solutions and new ideas to our emergent consumer business.”

-Rick Peterson.

“Genuine and Authentic.
Human Spark has a no-BS approach to focusing on what matters. Consider it the quality of the coffee, not the cafe. While there is a style that is uniquely their own, it’s never promoted over the goods. This also goes to the recommendations. They are equally direct and spoken from a place of integrity.”

-Steve McGrew.

“The 3M Littmann Stethoscope team worked with Human Spark to create a new design vision to expand the emotional impact of Littmann products and accelerate stethoscope sales. The final result provided 3M with a valuable framework that is being used to drive future decisions and accelerate business growth.”

-Steve Swenson.