Rethinking retirement.
A no normal
retirement journey.

The request.
In a time of an unprecedented retirement wave and aging population, create a holistic view of planning, preparing and thriving in retirement to inform individuals as they plan, and help advisors and organizations innovate to support individuals in their retirement journey.

Our approach.
Interviewed twenty-nine international experts and synthesized over 200 pieces of current research to extract ubiquitous circumstances, themes, pain points, challenges, and pillars of a successful retirement journey. Created a foundational framework and stories establishing a common vocabulary and holistic perspective that financial services advisors, employer benefits administrators, and educators can use to help guide financial decisions, job benefits, and identify specific areas of products and services ripe for innovation.

Deliverables throughout the project included research curation and synthesis, expert interview facilitation, theme and findings development, visualizations of findings, a trade presentation for financial C-Suite leadership, development of sample personas and their journeys, white paper context for the stories, facilitation of a roundtable of stakeholders and experts, and final documents and assets for major media blitz and PR.

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